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Transcription of Manager Executive Council Meetings #2 Adding Minutes and Actions

Once you have had your meeting you will want to add minutes to that meeting.
Now that you've had your meeting, you will want to add minutes to your agenda items.
So go to 'Executive Council' go to the meeting you want to minute, go to the agenda item you want to minute.

00:30 'Create content' 'minute' and we've picked the Financial Report, so 'Minutes for the Financial Report'. You can put a little story here.

00:45 This one needs to have a vote: so the proposal for the vote is that the Financial Report be accepted. Motion moved by sally.secretary, seconded by site.editor. Vote carried? Yes it was carried. The 'Group's Audience' again will be the Executive Council and the 'parent' is the 2012 Financial Report. And 'Save'.

01:30 So now you can see the Agenda Item and there's the Minutes, and the associated uploaded Reports. You'll remember with the Agenda Item that we decided that this one would have to go to a vote. 'Objective with bringing Item to meeting' was for 'discussion and vote', when we go to the Minutes of that Agenda Item, you can see there was a 'motion moved' by sally.secretary, 'seconded' by site.editor and 'carried'.

02:00 Was there an 'Action' associated with that? I suppose there was. Yes we'll 'Create Content' 'Action' associated with that minute. So the 'Action' is Contact Auditor, sorry, contact Accountant. 'Person Responsible' you can look up who you think it might have been – sally.secretary. This meeting was the 26th November, so you want it done by the 29th. 'Has it been completed' 'No'. Was there any notes you needed to add to that – formal appointment…so you can put a little note there. 'Group's Audience' is Executive Council and the 'parent' is the Minute, as this is an action associated with a minute. 'Save'.

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