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Transcription for Manager Executive Council #1 Meetings Format and Add Agenda

As a Manager you will be able to format Executive Council Meetings and add Agenda Items.
As a Manager on the Ecolsoc website, this is your dashboard. You can see you've got meetings on the left-hand side because you are also an Administrator Member of the Executive Council. So your groups are Executive Council and Hot Topics.

So go to your Executive Council, and here are previous meetings, and the meetings that have been set up by the Administrator for your 2013 meetings.

00:30 So there's your template which is just a very basic template that was copied and cloned., and this is your first meeting. So you will want to have a look at that and just prepare that one.

00:45 So you'll want to 'edit' it, give it its correct name which will be Executive Council 8th February 2013. It'll be meeting #1 for the year. The time is the 8th February and it will be 10.30. So participants can contribute agenda items until 3 days before the meeting date – so that is 5th February. There is your information that is going out. You just might want to change this email to the correct email. So select that and write in the correct email, and then you can link it. And the phone number – you should put in the phone number as well, and then each meeting you will change the rsvp date.

02:00 So here you will always select the latest Executive Council Meeting Minutes, so this time you will select December Meeting, and the 'Groups Audience' will be the Executive Council, and presumably you will want to keep the visibility accessible only to the group members.

02:15 The 'parent' is the Executive Council, and we'll 'Save'.

Now you can go back to the Executive Council, and the upcoming meetings – there are all the clones that were set for the year – you've just done February – there's April, the second meeting, third, fourth, fifth and sixth for the year.

03:00 So you go back to your meeting, click on the meeting, and you'll want to add some Agenda Items.
So 'Create an Agenda Item'. So the 'Agenda Type' this one is Welcome and Apologies, submitted by you, the site.manager, just for 'noting only'. Title is Welcome and Apologies. It will probably take 5 minutes. There really isn't much to put in the body at the moment, you don't need to add any files. The 'Group Audience' is the Executive Council, the 'Parent' is this meeting in February, and 'Save.'
There's your first Agenda Item.

03:45 Your next Agenda Item – we don't have any 'Actions from Previous Meetings' at the moment, so 'Employment', you put your name there again, so 'Objective with bringing item to meeting' is 'for discussion and noting'. So this will be Manager Required. This will probably maybe take 20 minutes, 'cause there will be a little bit of discussion on the requirements for the position, and you'll need to organise an Interview Panel. So it could take 20 minutes.
Here you can put the things you already know – 5 points that you want to put there – there's 5 points that you know are really relevant to this position, and that's on the agenda, so it can be discussed. You haven't got a file to add to this one, but you have got the 'Groups Audience' will be the Executive Council, the meeting is your 'Parent' and 'Save'.

05:00 So there's 2 Agenda Items so far. So you can see how they automatically number themselves – 1.1 for the first Agenda Item, and 2.1 for the next. If there were 2 Welcome and Apologies, they would be 1.1 and 1.2, and if there were a few more in Employment it would be 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3.

05:30 Another Agenda Item – you may need a 'Financial Report' and this might be the Treasurer who has submitted this one, and you may need to make this one 'Discussion and Vote' so you'll say 2012 Financial Report. Anticipated Time – this could take 20 minutes also. So the 'body' could say “Report already circulated for perusal” Upload report here 'Choose file' Upload. The Executive Council is the 'Audience' and your 'Parent' is the meeting, and 'Save'.

07:00 Now if you go to your meeting, I've just added a few more Agenda Items, so we've got all the Agenda Items there for the meeting.

Now we'll go to 'Edit', and the people who are being invited to the meeting – you can select people from your Ececutive Council Group – you can add people or take them off – you might not need to invite everyone to this meeting – you can de-select them and then 'notify those users'. The Notice of Meeting is usually sent 2 weeks before the meeting, but if you want to send it before or after, then just 'Send Now'. 'Save'

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