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Transcription Hot Topics #3 Editorial Board Administrator Member

As the Administrator Member of the Hot Topics Group, you have the ability to add people to your group, and then also to add people to your Editorial Board Group. You can also remove them from the Board, and also from the group.

00:20 So you go to 'Hot Topics'. You can go to 'Group'. You can see here that you can 'add people,' give them 'roles' and 'permissions'.

00:30 So you want to add someone to your group – so we'll add sally.secretary, you want her membership to be 'active' 'add user'. There you can see sally.secretary has been added to the group.

01:00 If you go back to your dashboard, you can see in your groups you can go to the 'Editorial Board'. Go to 'group' and have a look at your 'people'. At the moment these are your Editorial Board members. If you would like to invite sally.secretary on as a member of the Editorial Board, you 'add people' sally.secretary, choose the membership – you want her to be 'active' 'add user'. Sally has been added to the Editorial Board Group.

Go back to your dashboard, and to your group, and have a look at your people. So Sally is now in your Editorial Board Group. If you want to make her an 'Administrator Member' of the Editorial Board, 'add a role to the selected user' 'administrator member' and 'update'. That update has been performed. Go back to your dashboard and have a look at your Board. Go to 'Group' 'People' and you can see Sally has been added as an 'Administrator Member'.

02:45 She can now receive the notification emails of a new Hot Topic, and also vote on that Hot Topic.

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