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Transcription Hot Topics #2 For the Editorial Board Members

As a member of the Editorial Board, it is your responsibility to respond to the email notification of a newly suggested Hot Topic, by reading the research supplied and voting to approve or reject its publishing, within 24 hours.

00:20 This is the email you receive as a member of the Editorial Board. Here you can see a new Hot Topic has been created. This is where you can click on the link and read the Hot Topic and all the research associated with it. Here is where you vote to accept or reject the research associated with the Hot Topic. Yes I agree that the Hot Topic should be published – High Confidence, Low Confidence. No I don't think the Hot Topic should be published – High Confidence, Low Confidence.

00:50 When you have voted, this is the message you will receive accepting your 'high yes' vote. This is the message you receive on a 'low no' vote.

01:05 As a member of the Editorial Board, you will be wanting to check on the status of the voting – you change the url to /hottopicsnotify/editors-reportforward slash hottopicsnotify all one word, forward slash editors report with a hyphen in the middle.

01:20 That takes you to the Editor's Report where the results of the voting can be viewed – you can see on our Hot Topic, there's been 3 high yes votes, 1 low no vote, and 4 votes altogether, so it has actually been approved automatically, because there is a 75% approval rate, so it's automatically approved, but it's not published as yet.

01:55 When having a look at the Editor's Report, you can see there are a few Hot Topics there waiting for approval by the Admin Member of the Editorial Board. So this one has 4 positive votes, and it's an automatic acceptance, but it's got to wait its 24 hours. This one above has 3 positives, 3 high positives, and 1 low positive, so it's been automatically approved, but it hasn't been published and it's waiting for its 24 hours. This one here you can see it has 2 high positives, 1 low positive, and then 1 high negative. Now it's up to the Administrator to have the final word on whether it will be approved or rejected, and therefore published or not-published.

If at the end of the 24 hours 4 votes have not been recorded, the email will be sent again to the Editorial Board Members.

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