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Transcription Hot Topics #1 Suggest a New Hot Topic

This is a demonstration on how to suggest a new Hot Topic.
As a member of the Ecological Society of Australia, you automatically become a member of the Hot Topics group, and you can 'Suggest a New Hot Topic'.

00:15 Click on the 'Hot Topic'. If you want you hot topic to be sent to the Editorial Board for approval, ensure that you check this box. The Name of your Hot Topic. You can type directly onto the page, or copy from another source. Leading Text – you may want to put a small amount of information in here.

00:45 Proposed Pubished Date. You probably want it published a little bit longer than today. You'd like to have it approved by the Editorial Board and published by the following Monday. Why this Topic? Put your reasons in there.

Now the body. You can type directly onto this page, or you can bring information from another source. Remember if you are bringing information from another source to 'paste from word' OK. There is a limit of 2400 characters there, so that's just reminding you to keep it simple.

01:30 If you wanted to, 'choose your file' and 'upload'

01:45 Have your 'Summary of Papers' ready, then you can 'upload' the file, 'upload'. Make sure you have your name and email address there and your phone. The group's audience will be anyone in the Hot Topics group, and you can make this 'Private – accessible only to the group members' which means it will be seen by everybody who is a member of the Ecological Society of Australia.

02:10 And then, 'Submit the Hot Topic'. There your Hot Topic has been created. Now you have to wait for it to be approved by the Editorial Board.

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