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Transcription of Research Chapter Member #5 Create Officers

As a member of a Research Chapter Group you can create Officers. As a member of you chosen Research Chapter Group go to your Group, go to 'Officers'. Here you can see there is Convenor and Convenor's information, and a Deputy Convenor and Convenor's information.

00:30 So you can put in Officers – here you can put the Convenors names. 'Are these Officers current holders of Office?' 'Yes' they are.

01:00 You want the 'End Date'. This is the end date here, so we'll make this 31st December 2013, and the beginning date will be 31st December 2012.

01:15 The 'Convenor' here will have to be a member of Ecolsoc, and their 'email', 'website', and 'phone'. The 'Deputy Convenor' will be .., the 'email', 'website', and 'phone'.

01:45 The 'Group's Audience' will be the Research Chapter, and the 'Visibility' will be 'private – accessible only to these group members' or you can have 'public – accessible to all site users'. The 'parent' is Fire Ecology and 'Save'.

02:00 So you can see here under 'Current Officers' the Convenor, the Deputy Convenor and their contact. So you click on the Convenor's name, you will be taken directly to their email, and similarly with the Deputy Convenor.

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