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Transcription of Research Chapter Member #4 Create Notes

As a member of a Research Chapter Group, you can create notes. As a member of your chosen Research Chapter Group, you can go to your group, and add a 'Notes'.

00:20 Give it a 'Title', put some information into the 'Body'. You can type directly onto the page. If you are bringing information from another source, remember to 'paste from word'

00:40 You can add an 'Image' 'Upload'. You can add a .pdf and 'Upload'.

01:05 Your 'Group's Audience' will be Fire Ecology. You can decide on the 'Visibility' available to everyone on the site or only to your group members. Your 'parent' if Fire Ecology and 'Save'.

01:20 Here's the 'Notes' so anyone coming to look at your page can see there's a note – they can click on that, and they can make comment. So they can read what you've got, and they can have a look at your picture and .pdf. They can put in their name and make a comment. Then there's a 'captcha' to make sure they are a person, and then 'Save'.

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