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Transcription of Research Chapter Group Member #3 Create News

If you have some news that you feel is important to the Research Chapter Group, you can add it to the page. If you have some news that you want to share with your Research Chapter Group, go to your Research Chapter, on the right-hand side, scroll down to 'Create Content' 'News'. Click on there.

00:25 Give it a 'Title'. If you've got more information, you can type directly onto the page, or if you're bringing from an outside source, 'paste from word' 'OK'.

00:40 You can upload an 'Image' if you like – 'choose file' and 'upload'. Your 'Group's Audience' will be your chosen Research Chapter. It can be 'private - accessible only to group members' or you can make it available to all site users. The 'parent' is your chosen Research Chapter and 'Save'.

01:10 Now when you go back to your page, there's your news item. Then when you click on there, it takes you to your news.

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