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Transcription of Research Chapter Member #2 Create Notes

On your chosen Research Chapter page, you may want to add a link. As a member of a Research Chapter Group, you can add content to that Research Chapter, so go to your group. Go to 'Links' 'Title' 'Select a Value'. As your 'Category' sometimes it might be difficult to work out what category it fits in – and this is a Congress, so I'd say it's a 'Discussion Group' or it could be a 'Research Group'. I'd say 'Discussion Group'.

00:40 Here's where you put your 'Link'. Here in the 'Body' you can put some information about your Congress. You can type directly onto the page. If you are bringing information from another source remember to 'paste from word' and 'OK'.

01:00 Now your 'Group's Audience' is Fire Ecology and you can have it 'private – only accessible to group members'. If you're wanting to open it up, you can make it 'public – accessible to all site users' and maybe that's what you'd want to do because you want people to know about it,so you can make it 'public – accessible to all site users'. Your 'parent' is Fire Ecology and 'Save'.

01:30 There you can see your link will come up here – click on there, and it takes you to your link. There you go!!

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