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Transcription of Research Chapter Group Member #1 Add an Event

As a member of the Research Chapter Group you can add an Event to the page. As a member of your chosen Research Chapter, if you have an Event coming up that you would like people to know about, go to your particular Research Chapter, and on the right-hand side here 'Create Content' 'Events'.

00:25 Give it a 'Title'. The date of the event – this event is just a one-day not an interval so we won't 'show end date', but the 'date' is 8th of the 12th starting at 9 o'clock.

00:50 And there's more information I'd like to put in there. You can type directly onto the page, or if you are bring information from another source, ensure that you 'paste from word' 'OK'. The 'Group's Audience' will be Fire Ecology, and the visibility of the information will either be 'private - accessible only to your group members' or 'public – accessible to all site users' so we'll have this one 'public – accessible to all site users', the 'parent' is Fire Ecology and 'Save'.

01:20 When you go back to your main page, there's your Event. Click on there and it takes you to your page with your information on it – the information and the date.

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