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Transcription for Research Chapter Administrator Member #1 Add Members

Your Administrator Member status of the Research Chapter has been set up by the Administrator of the Ecolsoc website.

When a member of Ecolsoc has applied for membership of your Research Chapter Group, you need to decide whether you are going to accept them or reject them as a member, so go to 'Group'.

00:20 Go to 'People' – there is a member with a pending application for membership of your group. If you are going to approve them, you select there, and you 'approve membership of the selected user' or you 'deny' or you 'block membership'. You 'update', and there you can see you have your 'active' member .

00:45 When you go away on field trips, you'll want someone who can take over your role as administrator member on the Research Chapter Group, so you can select any user you feel is competant, you can select them, and you can give them the role of 'administrator member' – so “add a role to the selected user” 'administrator member' click on that and 'update'.

01:15 You can train them to do the things you do on the site, and then when you come back, you can select them again and “remove the role from the selected user” 'update'. And then they just become and 'active' member of the group.

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