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Transcription of #3 Editor Add a File

As an Editor, you may want to add a .pdf to your page.
We would like to add a .pdf to our page. 'Edit'.

00:15 Now you have to find the .pdf that you are going to add. So our's is here, it is stacey-mclean.pdf. So you open that and you go to 'file','save page as' (stacey-mclean) and you save it somewhere you will be able to find it again. Go back to your own page.

00:35 Scroll down, until you come to 'attached file''add a new file'. Click there.
Go and find your file, click and open, and then 'upload'.

00:55 You can see that there is a limit of 8MB for the size of the file, and here ours is 128.56KB, so we're well within the limit.

01:10 Here you can name you .pdf. We'll just call it “Stacey McLean”, and here you can see that you can upload .txt files .pdf .doc and .docx. We'll save that. You can have a look at your page. There's your attached file which you can open. There it is.

01:40 If ever you want to remove that file, go to 'edit', scroll down to the .pdf, and 'remove'. And 'save'. And there's our page.

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