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Transcription #1 Editor Edit Content

As an Editor you may have cause to edit content that is already on a page on the website.
You are on the Ecolsoc website 'login'.

00:27 This is your dashboard. You can see “Proposed Hot Topics” as an Editor. You can see the “Research Chapters” and you can see – as you are a member of Ecolsoc, you are automatically a member of “Hot Topics.” So here you can 'Edit your Profile' 'Renew your Membership' 'Join a Research Chapter' or 'Suggest a Hot Topic'.

00:50 Go to the page you want to edit and 'edit'. As there is inbuilt styling in the website the very best way to add content is to type directly onto the page.

01:15 If, however you would like to bring information from another document or another website, go to that site, select what you would like to have on your page, go to 'edit' where you can copy, but we're going to use the keyboard shortcut which is 'control' or 'command' + 'c', go back to your website, go to your editor, and 'control' or 'command' + 'v' to add it into that box and 'OK'.

01:55 You can see that it's brought some formatting over from the other site, so you can get rid of that if you want – unbold it, and then 'save'. Remember to save your changes quite regularly, because you've done quite a bit of work to do your formatting, and you don't want to lose it.

02:15 'Edit' again. You can see we've got an extra wide gap here, so I'll just explain about paragraph spacing. If we click here and take it back up to the very beginning. If I want a space that just takes it to the next line, if I'm doing a few small sentences, you do a 'shift' + 'return' and it takes it to the next line,
You can see here, if I take this one back up by deleting that space, I'm wanting to make a new paragraph, so I just 'return' and it gives me the paragraph spacing. I'll just take this one again. I'll just take it up to the top, and instead of making it the next line, I want to make a new paragraph. So I just 'return' and it makes the corrrect gap.

03:00 We might like to have a heading. If you want a heading, it's best to have the words of the heading on a line of their own. Select that and go here, and here's your heading sizes. 'Heading 2' is a good size.

03:22 If you would like to bold this first sentence, select it and 'Bold'. You can have it italicized.
You may want your heading justified to the centre. If you want it back to the left, you just highlight it again and justify to the left.

03:45 You may want a numbered list. Just highlight the sections you want numbered and go to your 'numbered list'. Just click it again if you don't want that one, but you wanted 'dot points'.

04:00 One of your dot points may be a sub-point of the one above. So select it and 'indent' and that will indent your sub-point.
Now just 'save' again, and then have a look at your page.

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