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Transcription of Administrator Research Chapter #2 Create an Opportunity

As an Administrator on the Ecolsoc website, you are the person the Administrator Member of a Research Chapter Group will have to come to, to create an opportunity for their particular Research Chapter Group.

As the Administrator for the Ecolsoc website, you also need to become a member of each of the Research Chapter Groups so that you can add opportunities.

00:30 So you have already been added to this particular Research Chapter Group, so click on there, go to 'Opportunities' add the 'Title' of the Opportunity. What kind of oppurtunity is it? Is it for Employment, is it a Student Opportunity, or for a Volunteer? This one's a 'Student'. The 'Start Date' make that 14th February 2013.

01:00 Now in the 'Body' you can type directly onto the page, or you can bring information from another source, and 'paste from word' and 'OK'. You can add an image if you like. Your 'Groups Audience' will be your particular Research Chapter, and it's 'private – accessible only to group members' and 'Save'.

01:40 You can see 'the opportunity has been created' and at the bottom of the page you can see the opportunity has been created.

01:50 And if we go to the Home Page of the website and have a look under 'Opportunities' 'Student Opportunities' – there's our opportunity.

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