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Transcription for Administrator Research Chapter #1 Add a New Research Chapter

As the Administrator for the Ecolsoc website, you can add a new Research Chapter Group. From time to time you might be approached by one of the Scientists to set up a New Research Chapter Group.

00:15 So you need to go to 'Research' 'Research Chapters'. Scroll down the page and you can see 'Create Research Chapter' 'Group' so click there. A 'Title', it's going to be an new 'Research Chapter' The 'Body' you'll be putting information here about the new group – you can type directly onto the page, or if you're pasting from another source be sure you 'paste from word' and 'OK'.

00:50 If you know where it fits in there you can select those ones. This will be 'accessible only to the new group members' for this group and 'Save'.

01:05 There's your new group, you can click on there.

01:10 Now you'll have to add an 'Administrator Member' to this group – just refer to the Administrator video showing you how to add an Administrator Member.

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