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Transcription Executive Council #2 Add Members

At present, the Administrator is the only one who can add a member to the Executive Council.
As an Administrator on the Ecolsoc website, and as an Administrator Member of the Executive Member, you will need to add people to the Executive Council, and remove people from the Executive Council from time to time.

00.15 So you click on the 'Executive Council' and go to 'Group'. You can 'add people'. Add a username, they will be an 'active' member 'Add User'.

Go to your 'Group'. Have a look at the 'people' and see that rikki_test4 has been added as an active member of the Executive Council Group. Now you can see the site.administrator and site.manager are both Administrator Members of the Executive Council.

01:00 If you would like to upgrade rikki_test4, just select her, go to here – it says “Add a role to the selected users Administrator Member”. Select that and 'update'.

Now this member with that role will be able to help you with some of the work on the Executive Council Group site.

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