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Transcription for Administrator Executive Council #1 Set up Years' Meetings

As the Administrator you can set up the year's meetings for the Executive Council.
As an Administrator on the Ecolsoc website, this is your dashboard when you login. You can see you've got your groups there. You're also an Administrative Member of the Executive Council, so you can click on 'Executive Council'. So here you see the previous meetings, and also the template.

Now one of the jobs you can do as an Administrator, you can set up the meetings for the coming year, but you want to have a look at your template first to make sure it's what you would like to say. So just click on there. So at the moment you can see it's got meeting number, meeting date, participants can contribute agenda items until this date. That is the information in the body, you've got an rsvp, and you've got a distribution list and who's responded and who hasn't. So here's where they respond. 'I'm attending' 'Change to not attending' and that will come back to you.

01:00 So you can 'Edit' that – so normally this notice is sent out 2 weeks before the meeting. If for any reason you are wanting to get in touch with people before or after – you can click on here. These will be the people in your Executive Council and you can add people or remove people as you need to. I'll show you that in a little while. Now this one is called Executive Council Template, you might like to change this to meeting #1 as that will be the first meeting you will be needing. The meeting date will be the second Friday in February will be your first meeting, so you can change that to Friday 8th February, and the time 10 o'clock. If it's 11 o'clock just change that, or 11.30 change that.

02:00 According to the rules, people can contribute agenda items until 3 days before the meeting – so this one – we'll go to February again, and 3 days before the 8th is the 5th. Now the 'body' of the meeting – this is what will be in the notice that will go out. You might want to highlight some of the things. You might want to bold that bit. You want to make sure this is an email address, so select and copy, go to 'link', the 'link type' in E-mail, paste in your email address and 'OK' . Put in your phone number if that is appropriate, and rsvp date to 6th February, which is the last date you will want them to be notifying you.

03:00 Minutes from the latest Executive Council Meeting at the moment we have an Executive Council meeting from the 12th October, we'll put that one in. We haven't got an Council Minutes at the moment. The 'Groups Audience' will be the Executive Council. The 'Visibility' will be – you can choose whether this will go to group members, or all site users. I presume you will want this to only go to group members. And 'Save'. You've got the date of the meeting, you've got the date which is 3 days before for adding Agenda items, you've got the 'body' of the message, and you've got the E-mail, phone number, revp date, distribution list which you can adjust, and they can attend or not attend.

04:00 Now you may want to add an Agenda – we'll do that when we set up a meeting. So for the clone – you don't want any information there, 'cause everything you've got, if you've got Agenda items or Minutes or anything will be transferred over. You just want to have your template for the clone, very, very simple.

04:30 Now you can go back to your Executive Council and you can 'Batch Generate Meetings', so click on there, you 'notify all your users', your start date will be – you'll want to change that to Fevruary 2013 on the 8th, they are bi-monthly, they are on the second Friday of the month, and you want 6 repeats, so that makes it for the year. This is meetintg #1 on the 8th February, and being able to submit Agenda Items closes 3 days before that which is 5th February. There's the 'body' of your Notice of Meeting, Executive Council 12th October 2012 is your last meeting, it will go to the Executive Council and 'Save'.

05:30 So there's your 'clones of meetings', there's your 'template', there's your first meeting, your second meeting, third, fourth, fifth and sixth, so you've got your meetings there.

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