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Transcription for Administrator #2 Add Web Content

As the Administrator you are able to add content. So 'add content'. So as you scroll down here you can see there is quite a wide variety of applications. We've already done the webform. The 'basic page' is for if you want to add another page to one of the main headings on the website. So you just give it a 'title', put in the 'body', add 'files' 'images', give it a 'menu setting' and a 'url pathway' and 'Save'.

00:30 You can also 'find content'. If you are wanting to have a look for anything you know is published, you can go to 'published' and you know it was a basic page, go to 'Basic Page' and 'filter' it out. Then you can see all of the pages that have been published, and it goes for quite a while, so you just click through there and find the page and then click on it, and it opens in that page, and you can edit it there, and 'Save' it.

01:10 When you've finished with that go back to 'find content' and 'reset'. Now if you want to find something that is not published, so it won't be on the website, you go to 'not published' and this might be a 'webform'. So you 'filter' out the webforms that are unpublished and you have a look, and there's only one – that's our membership. So you can open that one, you can see your webform is there. 'Find content' go back and 'reset'. If you're looking for maybe a 'Book Review' but you don't know if it is published or not published, so you just leave it as 'any' and you 'Filter' and there's no content available yet, but you understand what I'm saying and 'Reset'. So you can have a play with that one.

02:25 You can see up here there are lots of other areas of Administration, but probably one of them that you would be interested in is 'people'. If you want to find out who the Administrators are – you can go to 'administrator' and 'filter' and so you can see who has an Administrator role. 'Reset'. If you want to have a look at who has a Manager role – 'Manager' 'Filter'. Now a Manager has a lot of the abilities of an Administrator, so for instance if you have a Secretary for the Executive Council, she or he will be a Manager. You can then make them an 'Administrator Member' of the Executive Council so then they can do most of the work you would otherwise have to do. And all of these people will be 'active'.

03:35 If for any reason you want to block somebody from using the website, you can obviously block them there. So 'reset'.

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