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Transcription Administrator #1 Webform

As an Administrator, you may at times need to add a new Webform. Now we're going to build a Webform.

'Add content' 'webform'. Give it a title – it will be “Membership Form for Tomato Grower's Club” a little bit of information there. You need to provide a 'Menu Link Title' – your title comes up. Your 'parent item', again you have to decide who this belongs to – we're going to let it belong to 'Ecology in Australia' and your url. Unclick the 'generate automatic url' and you're putting in 'ecology-in-australia/tomato' and it will be tomato will do. It will take you to – this is what you are setting it as.

Now 'publishing options' again we are not going to publish it because this is only a training one. And your 'authoring' comes up automatically 'Save'.

01:30 Now the components here – the first we want to do is a little group of personal details. So this will mean we want a Fieldset. So we select 'Fieldset' and we put in 'Personal Details' you can use Capital here just to make it different. And 'Add'. Personal Details and 'Save'.

Now with Personal Details you would like 'First Name' and this will be a 'Textfield' this is just a small area. You want to make it 'mandatory' and 'Add'. A small information for them to put in the information you want. See mandatory comes up there. And 'Save'.

'Last Name', again it's a 'Textfield' 'mandatory' 'Add' 'Save'.

Now you might want their street address 'Street Number and Name'. This again is a 'Textfield' We don't need it mandatory. 'Add' 'Save component'.

'Suburb' 'Textfield' 'Add' 'Save component'.

'Postcode' 'Textfield' 'Add'. Now with your postcode, it's such a small – only 4 letters, so on the 'width' just put in '4' 'Save component'.

Now in a 'Fieldset' you want to group these together, so grab these little stars and pull across – OK. Now it won't stay unless you save it. So 'Save' and you want to see what a 'Fieldset' looks like – 'View' it – there you are it's all in a little group. Go back to the webform.

04:15 I thought we might like to add 'email. 'Email Address' for this we select 'E-mail'. We want to make this 'mandatory' oh we won't select it there – we'll just have 'Email Address' 'E-mail' 'Add' and when we are in this area we can find 'mandatory' there – we can add 'mandatory' 'Save component'

Now this one is outside our little Fieldset, so we want to drag it into the Fieldset and probably we want to put it up underneath the name. So we've dragged it in and we've moved it up. Now 'Save' that so it stays there, and we'll just have another look. There it is Personal Details – First Name, Last Name, Email Address all mandatory and then you've got the Address as well.

05:30 Go back to Webform. Now we'd like to put a little bit of information on the form about the group, so we call this 'Who we are' and this will be a 'Markup' – so it's just going to be a little story about who we are. 'Add' In the 'Body' here you can put in a bit of information about who you are. Because this one now has these little dots after it, you can 'select all' and just go back up here and select 'normal'. That's a better format for the html. And then 'Save'.

06:30 We'd like to ask them their reasons for joining. This is going to be a 'Fieldset' because we are going to ask them a few questions they can say yes to. 'Add'. We can make this 'Collapsible' 'Save'
Now we're going to ask them a few questions “Did you join yes for this reason? Did you join for that reason?” So we'll say 'I wish to meet other tomato growers'. Then we're going to give them 'Select Options' 'Add'. But we're just going to make their only options 'yes'. 'yes|yes yes and a pipe and yes' 'Save Component'. Another question we'd like to know – 'I have seeds to swap' again it's a 'Select Options' 'Add'. And the options are 'yes|yes'. 'Save' Now another one – 'I would like to access more information' 'Select Options' 'Add' 'yes|yes' 'Save Component'.

08:30 I'd like to give them a chance to tell us a little bit about why they joined, so I'll put 'Other' . This will be a 'Textarea' and 'Add', and it's 'resizable' so if they haven't got a lot to say, it's a small area, but they can add more. 'Save component'. This is a Fieldset – the reasons for joining – so I'd like all the things in the same box, so I'll move it across, move it across, click and drag and 'Save'. Now we'll have a look at what we've got so far. 'View' We've got Personal Details, then we've got a little story about what the group's about, we want to know the reasons for joining – they can say yes to all of those if they want to, and they can also give us a bit more information.

09:30 We've got a bit more to add yet. Go back to the webform. I'd like to know if they would like to receive notices – 'Would you like to receive notices and news' and this is an option, yes,no. So 'select options' 'Add'. And in the 'Options' say 'yes|yes' and then 'no|no' 'Save'.

10:15 We'd like to know the date they joined. 'Date joined' and this is a 'Date' 'Add', and they give us a fair big range. Do we want to 'enable a pop-up calendar'. That's pretty cool. 'Save component'.

10.30 Now we want to put in the time of our next gathering. 'Time of our next gathering' This is a 'Time' 'Add'. Now it's the user timezone, so that's our Queensland time, and you can choose either a 12 hour or a 24 hour clock, and probably half hour increments would be enough for us. 'Save component'.

11:15 Now I'd like to know their 'Country of Origin'. Now this is a 'Select Option' 'Add' and we'd like to 'add a pre-built options list'. So here we've got some options – we'd like to go to 'Countries' 'Save Component' and I'd also like to know their 'State of Origin'. And because they only have United States' states, we need to have a 'Select Options' and make our own options 'Add'. Now at options we'll put in our own states with a pipe inbetween. It has to be the same on both sides of the pipe. Now I'd like this to be a 'Listbox' and the 'label display' we can have that 'inline' so you can see the difference. 'Save' OK we'll just 'Save' it and we'll 'View' it to see if it's the way we'd like it.

12:45 Now we'll have a look at it. There's our 'Fieldset' with our first set of Personal Details, then we've got our little 'Markup' which has the story about what it is, another 'Fieldset' that has my reasons for joining – they can select all 3 if they want – and can add more information. Would you like to received notices and news – they should only be able to select one of these – yes or no – date joined, we might have 22nd October 2012. And the time of our next gathering – I think it will be 7.30, we only did it in half-hours, pm. Now the Country of Origin – OK – well, that doesn't look very good does it? So we need to go back and check that. Go to webform, 'Country of Origin'. It has 'Radio Buttons'. We need to 'Edit' that – 'Country of Origin', we're loading a 'pre-built list' and we want a 'Listbox' 'Save Component'. I think we'll go back and look. Country of Origin should be a drop-down menu – there we are, and our State of Origin.

14:45 Now we're just up to submitting. We want to go up and have a look at our 'E-mail Settings' 'Webform' – you want to go to 'Form Settings'. This is your 'Confirmation Message' so you can say 'Thank you for your membership. I will reply tomorrow.' This is on your 'Confirmation Page', you don't need to limit submissions or who can use it, and 'Save Configuration'.

15:30 Now also with your E-mails, put in your email address, and the 'Component Value' is ''E-mail Address'. And 'Add' 'Save e-mail settings'. Have another look at our 'View' and now 'Submit'. OK we can't submit it because we haven't put in our mandatory fields. Now we can 'submit'. There you go – 'Thank you for your membership. I'll reply tomorrow.'

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